The 50 Greatest Skateboards of the 1990s

50-greatest-skateboards_leadSkateboarding has come a long way since the rise of street skating in the late ’80s, one thing has remained consistent: the deck graphics are always crazy. But it wasn’t really until the ’90s, when companies like World IndustriesAlien Workshop, RealBlind101Flip, and Girl started pumping out signature graphics for their pro teams, that the craze began.

So the homies over at Complex hit up Tim Anderson of and Michael Hastings of Vans and KCDC, two collectors of ’90s skate decks, To give an insider’s look into the history of this period and get an expert opinion on the greatest graphics of that time. Without the graphic explosion of that decade, there would be nothing today, so click below to head over to Complex and see Tim’s and Mike’s picks of the Top 50 Skateboards of the 1990s.

The 50 Greatest Skateboards of the 1990s………..

some of the favorites

Hanging Klansman Slick

Standing Baby

Napping Negro


Bathroom Porno


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