Apple IPad Now On Verizon

Apple iPad Now On Verizon

The competition heats up between two of US’ largest wireless service providers as the iPad has officially  jumped ship over to Verizon. Previously, wireless service for the iPad had been provided by AT&T, but it has just been announced today that the iPad will be able to run on Verizon’s wireless network as well. The wireless carrier boasting the nation’s largest and most reliable network will now offer the WiFi iPad along with its MiFi 2200 hotspot which allows one to connect up to five devices wirelessly to Verizon’s 3G network. The prices for the iPads with MiFi start at $630 for the 16GB and all the way t0 $830 for the 64GB. The launch date for the Verizon iPad is Friday, Oct. 28.

Could this be one step closer to the Verizon iPhone ?


[via csmonitor]


One response to “Apple IPad Now On Verizon

  1. Who will be the first Google, Apple, Microsoft? Thank Ator, very instructive. I wonder who will be next?

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