New ‘Green Lantern’ And ‘Superman’ Roller Coasters Coming To Six Flags In 2011

Green Lantern

A new “Green Lantern” roller coaster is hitting California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain in the summer of 2011, according to the theme park’s official website, boasting “a never been done before completely vertical zigzag pattern track.”

“Fearless riders will brave the ride sitting in eight-person vehicles — four abreast and back-to-back, each rotating independently,” the site describes of the roller coaster. “The two-minute thrill begins with riders going up the 107-foot left hill before spinning their way down through 828-feet of twisted vertical track, featuring three, 360-degree head-over-hill spins.”

Also Six Flags has announced “Superman: Escape from Krypton,” reconverting the Man of Steel’s old roller coaster so that it can run forwards and backwards at 100 mph! The ride is expected to premiere in 2011. Video below.


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