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Proposition 19 Rejected

In possibly the biggest fail of 2010 California voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure that would have made their state the first in the union to legalize the personal use and possession of marijuana. Continue reading


Creator of Gmail Donates $100K to Proposition 19

So as you all may know today residents of California get to vote on Proposition 19(lucky bastards). As we also all know Gmail is an immensely useful email client, but what we might have not known is that the creator of it was awesome. Continue reading

The Grow House of the Future


60,000 sq. ft. Marijuana Cultivation Facility, SWEET. “the cannabis factory of tomorrow” as envisioned in a proposal by Continue reading

Pot Flavored Pop


A new line of pot-infused beverages masquerading behind soda flavors are now available to patients with a prescription for medical marijuana. Continue reading

Sweed tooth, High scream

A new medical marijuana dispensary in Soquel is offering its customers a tasty alternative to smoking: enjoying a bowl of pot-infused ice cream, also known as “High Scream”. Continue reading

America’s Founding Fathers Enjoyed a Little Pot too !!!

American History just got a lot cooler, Thanks to George Washington,Thomas Jefferson and James Madison‘s recreational drug use. Continue reading

Evidence that weed is not a ‘GATEWAY’ Drug

A study at the University of New Hampshire has researchers saying yet again that weed isn’t the “gateway drug” its been made out to be. Continue reading